Conditions of the competition


Article 1 – Principle
EUFIA (European Funeral Innovation Award) strives to: perform actions and activities that can lead to the evaluation of the people and institutions that are in an extraordinary way active in the funeral industry by renewing or improving this business directly or indirectly in any way and in the broadest sense possible.

The foundation attempts to realise her goals by organising and judging meetings where presentations in the field of funeral care are being judged by a set of quality standards after which the winners can receive an award. The winner(s) of this competition receive an award during a formal award ceremony that is to take place every two years.

Article 2 – Composition of the International Funeral Awards organisation
European board EUFIA: consists of a chairman, secretary, treasurer and board members. The members that are entitled to vote are the chairman or their representative of the boards of the participating countries. They form the highest body within the organisation and cover the boards of the participating countries.

Country board EUFIA: Every participating country is represented by a group of people that are acknowledged by the EUFIA as being active in, or having a strong connection to the funeral industry. Depending on the habits or active set of rules in each country the delegation can form a board with a chairman, secretary, treasurer and board members. This group of people arranges in their country the contacts with competitors, the contacts with sponsors, the arrangement of the jury, the participation in exhibitions etc. Every competitor can contact the country board in order to ask questions or make remarks.

Board members or members of the family of a board member cannot participate in the competition nor can the company or institution in which they have a direct or indirect involvement or interest

The board members do not receive a fee for their activities, EUFIA is a non-profit foundation.

Article 3 – Categories of Competition
Every edition of the European Funeral Innovation Award consists of maximum 3 categories which are decided by the European Board. These categories are the same for all countries. The 2017 edition of the European Funeral Innovation Award will have the following categories of competition:

  1. Innovation in Crematoria, Cemeteries and Funeral Homes
  2. Innovation in Funeral Products
  3. Innovation in Funeral Ideas

Article 4 – Award
There are national and international awards to be won. The winner of each category per country will win a national Award. 

There is also an International Award for each category. For this award, the participants from multiple countries compete with each other.

Article 5 – Enrolment
The competition and the award ceremony will take place in every odd year. The enrolment starts on the 19th of September 2016 and closes on the 15th of August 2017. After the enrolment a member of the board will contact you.

Your enrolment entails that your product, project or service will be judged by a professional, international jury. In addition you can participate with at least two people in the international award ceremony. The dates and locations of these events will be communicated to you in a timely manner.

Article 6 – Annulment
Annulment is only possible under extraordinary circumstances and will be allowed by decision of the board. Reimbursement of the already paid participant fees is not possible.

Article 7 – Participant Fees
As a participant you will be required to pay a participant fee of € 550,- (excluding V.A.T.) for every country in which you choose to participate. All costs of participation are included and you receive 2 tickets for the award ceremony. For example, if you participate in two countries the cost will be € 1.100,- and you will receive 4 tickets to the award ceremony.

Article 8 – Conditions of participation
- Participation to the competition is strictly on a voluntary basis, for own risk, cost and responsibility without the possibility to hold the organisation or the international jury accountable.
- A participation is legally binding after enrolment via the EUFIA website is accredited by the national board and confirmed to the participant.
- By filling out and sending in the enrolment form the participant acknowledges that he/she has read the conditions of the competition and agrees with them.
- As soon as the enrolment is confirmed, the participant is obliged to pay the participants fee.
- The company that is represented by the participant is located in Europe. 
- A participant can enrol in multiple award categories and multiple countries per product, project or service applicable to the funeral industry.
- The projects that are entered into the competition are to be accompanied by an extensive description with footage or documentation. This information should be sent to the secretariat in a digital format.
- The participant is obliged to be present during the (open) jury day(s) and the award ceremony. Failure to attend will result in disqualification and without reimbursement of the participants fee. Divergence of this rule can only occur after the European Board so decides.
- Any situation that is not covered by these conditions of competition will be dealt with by the jury in the spirit of these conditions.
- By participating in the competition every participant acknowledges the current conditions of competition and accepts the decision of the jury in a sporting manner.

Article 9 – International Jury
The jury consists of a jury chairman, a rapporteur, international jury member and other jury members. Every jury chairman is a member of the board of the participating country. The other members of the jury are from or are involved with the funeral industry and are chosen by the national board.
The jury chairman will ensure that the conditions of competition are followed correctly, will inform all other jury members of the enrolment of participants and will assure that all members of the jury are informed about their jury tasks
- Jury members and members of their families are excluded from the competition as is any company or organisation that they are connected to or have an interest in be it directly or indirectly.
-There will be no correspondence with and by the jury about the competition nor about the comments of the jury. Only the jury chairman is entitled to provide comment when this improves the clarity and clearness of the organisation.
- The jury chairman will, after the judging has taken place, hand the appraisal including a short jury report in a closed envelope to a member or representative of the European Board. The jury members are not allowed to communicate any of the content of the envelope to anybody in any way or form. The jury appoints a winner per category per country.
- An International Jury will decide the international winners.
- All winners will be announced during the award ceremony.

Article 10 – Press and TV
- Only after all conditions of the competition have been met is it allowed for you as a participant to inform the local and national press about your participation.
- Any infringement that is found will lead to direct annulment of your entrance or disqualification.
-All contestants will be announced via international media.
-All TV- and press rights are property of EUFIA.

Article 11 – The award ceremony
Depending on the nature of the award ceremony a dress code as prescribed by the board is mandatory. The board will inform you in a timely manner about the dress code.

Article 12 – Olympic Spirit
Concur to the Olympic Spirit: “Competing is more important than winning”.


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